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I'm just really interested in this whole point system. Who am I kidding, nobody is going to give me any points, but I wanna keep this here.

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Okay.. it finally worked. I hope you like it. Base by BookWormPony
I know I left out a few people, but I for some reason have a lot of characters. 
*Original by… )
Guys, I don't know what to do. Basically I opened Fire Alpaca to edit a drawing and it started flipping out. I blame Inkscape. But then it started turning or whatever and let me take a moment to express my current mood:

uhjfgjfmg vk joijgocvmbnfkmvijolwkjhgmkojkm voriwkfpo,kagfwgc;f;s;g'a;g';kg=b t-q35t u9k'3t;rf';es ioqhajm gmkejtmg jhsfgnmceurtgjkf, ghb;'elwgsv killl; m;e hnnnnnnghnhjhb-f

Anyways if you know how to fix this please tell me, I just had a mental seizure and translated it to spam. 
"The person you'd take a bullet for is behind the trigger." 
That line hit me harder than anything else. (BTW it's from Fall Out Boy's 'Miss Missing You')
The worst part about going to a restaurant is when they serve your drink and it has like 25 ice cubes in it and when you drink from it your teeth feel like literal death. 

Genres is about a group of sixth- grade kids that depend on each other to survive middle school. They’re all artists in their own way. What you’ll see throughout this series is just a bunch of young kids cracking jokes and starting fights because of the whole “Welcome To The Hell We Call Middle School Everyone Already Hates You” cliche.

Jaiden- The smart one. She annoys the crap out of everyone outsmarting them. Her classmate’s petty joy is telling her Jaiden is a boy name. She’s probably the only one in her school actually passing every class. She gets her joys by passing her classing. Ergo, she’s the teacher’s pet. All the teachers love her and can’t figure out why she hangs out with the people she does. Jaiden turns all her work in on time with an 100% every time.

Alex- Spends his life on social media. He’ll do anything for YouTube videos. Ergo he’s fun to have around. Every teacher could claim he’s always on his phone. Probably known as a kid with a record at elementary school. His only talent is being stupid. He is really fun, but doesn’t possess the pranking talent the twins do.

Max- An all artsy girl. You can catch her going all economics on you. She prefers to dress with a lot of lace and flower- print clothing. She only passes her classes because of all the credit she gets from senior service and volunteering. Max dabbles in art. Her full name is Mackenzie, but she can’t stand it. She draws a lot, but not in class, unless she’s taking notes. She is very kind but gets a little impatient around animals.

Ethan- The geek. He loves superheroes and comics. He’ll willingly go on and on about comics and movies and books. He’s into many fantasy series’. While sometimes he can get a little rude, he’s a sweetheart. He doodles a lot in class and never pays attention. Ethan has a really big heart, especially for his friends and animals. He volunteers at the Animal Shelter and Senior Center a lot. Even when he tries to be cool, his sweetness takes over.

Ivy- She’s a real prankster. Even though she normally stays quiet at home, she gets rather loud and fun at school. Her and her twin brother, Ivan, dabble in pranks. They pull the funniest pranks which always make people laugh. Ivy is also really short for her age, along with Ivan. Though Ivy was blessed with the talent to play the piano. (A keyboard is the SAME thing) She recently joined a band with Ethan and Ivan, where they’re attempting to get their other friends to join. Ivy has a naturally fun personality.

Ivan- The twin brother of Ivy. Although he shares Ivy’s talent of pranking, he also plays an instrument. He plays the guitar, both electric and acoustic. He’s really fun like her, but sometimes he gets a little insecure. Just like Ivy, he’s short. Ivan refuses to sing in his band with his sister and Ethan. Ivan trusts Ethan like a brother, or, a nice brother. (Ivan and Ivy have 4 older brothers and 3 little brothers)


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Isabel [Salty]
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Just your average nerdy- emo. I know I may seem like a loser, but I'm really just a dork. I mostly make OCs based off of my friends, and I'm always open to new ones.
Art Trades- Open
Commissions- Open (30 Points a piece)
Requests- Open (Do not request for me to draw your oc)


I'll draw your oc any way you want, for the exception of 30 points. 


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